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Book Groups at Southend Libraries

Monday, 5th October 2020

Book Groups – Impact Stories

Southend Libraries provide collections of multiple titles for book groups to borrow. Nearly 70 groups are sent books on a regular basis. It’s a valuable service that enables groups to all read the same book and discuss it at a friendly meeting. It’s been shown that this type of activity helps improve people’s health and well-being.

Read the comments below from some of our current book club members about how joining a book club has helped them. 

“The library supplies a varied mixture of reading material which means differences of opinion on the content of the books.  This in turn leads on to other related topics meaning sometimes lengthy discussion, a good outlet for different points of view. This has been especially good during the recent months.  Being able to have access to all the books and the help and encouragement of the organisers of the book clubs is of special importance to us all in these troubled times.” Wednesday Bookworms

“We all really appreciate the library service for sending us books to read, it is so much more fun to all read the same book. The variety of opinions is surprising! Only once in nine years did we all have the same opinion of a book - it was a thriller by Clare Mackintosh, we all loved it!” Thorpe Bay Afternoon TG Book Club

“I think the glue that binds us together is the close friendships we have made with each other and also we enjoy being presented with a challenge and being yanked out of our comfort zones.”

“I would just like to say on behalf of Marilyn’s Book Club how much we appreciate all the effort you put into make sure we receive our monthly supply of books. Please keep up the good work. Thank you so much.”

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