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The Forum Space

The Forum Space is a large area located on the ground floor of the Forum Southend-on-Sea building. Attracting both customers and students, the Forum Southend-on-Sea caters to a wide audience who enjoy the Forum Space as an attractive area to relax and engage. With one curved wall leading the viewer in, and one flat wall at the rear, the gallery can be utilised for one exhibition artist, or two at a time. Well lit and spacious, exhibitor’s works may be viewed in their best light.

Each year a Selection Panel takes place to plan the Forum Space exhibition programme, which runs between the coming April 1st to March 30th. The Selection Panel seeks to set a fresh and interesting programme of exhibitions, to showcase the best artistic talent in Southend-on-Sea and beyond.

To apply for the next Selection Panel, please first read the How To Apply and FAQ supporting documents at the bottom of this page.

Online Application Form

Please note the Application Form is only live for a limited time. If you are too early, or late, on clicking the above link you will see a “closed” message with further information.

If you have any queries not answered here, please email the Promotion & Events Team (Libraries & Museums)

The Foyer

The Foyer allows community groups and charities to display their information for customers to see. Please note, no selling or direct approaching of customers is permitted from Foyer displays. A Foyer table is available for the following charges, per week (or part of week):

Artists and other profit making organisations: £30

Charities & non-profit making organisations: £15

If you are interested in displaying in the Foyer, please contact the Promotion & Events Team ( for more information and availability.

The Shared Space

The Shared Space is the floor space of the Forum Space gallery area. It may be hired for private views or networking events, subject to management’s discretion – each application is considered on a case-by-case basis.

The Shared Space is charged at £80.00 for the first 2 hours, and £30.00 for each subsequent hour.

If you are interested in hiring the Shared Space, please contact the Promotion & Events Team ( for more information, availability and Terms.