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Focal Point Gallery’s education programme aims to engage people of all ages in current debates around contemporary art, and looks to extend and develop new audiences. We consider the philosophies and working methods of the artists in our exhibitions programme as the starting point for inspiration, aspiration and discussion in the community.

Focusing on a variety of cultural activities, we work with groups from different backgrounds, including students in formal education in schools, in higher and further education courses, as well as people undergoing informal education towards employment within the creative sector.

Our activities include advertised public talks and events with artists, workshops for families and the general public, tailor-made workshops in the gallery for community and student groups, and off-site externally funded projects with young people, schools and community groups.

We also provide interpretive materials for independent visitors to the gallery, ranging from critical essays by artists, writers and curators, to informal starting points to exhibitions.

In addition, we regularly stage 'Akademie Neu', a series of events and discussions around contemporary art, publishing and exhibition making, designed to connect to those interested in contemporary visual practice in Southend.

To book a free group visit, to talk through your interests with the gallery, please contact Sharon Byrne on 01702 534109 or email

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