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Forum Space Exhibition: The Guild of Motoring Artists

Thursday, 26th April 2018

** Update - this exhibition will now be ending on the Morning of Saturday 26th May**

The Guild of Motoring Artists

The Forum Space

3rd – 29th May 2018

A guild for all forms of automotive art, design and creative development

The Guild of Motoring Artists (GMA) began in 1986 as a group of professional and semi-professional artists including designers and engineers from the car industry (including Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin and Ford) who shared a common interest in automotive art. The early years the GMA has attracted some of the best and most diverse automotive artists through its membership and exhibited all around the UK with invitational exhibitions in the USA. The membership has ebbed and flowed and averaged 50 members and is growing again as applications arrive from far and wide around the UK and from overseas.

The guild now has members from the UK of course, France, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. The range of media used and styles applied is diverse including drawing, painting, printing, multi-media, 3D sculpture and digital. There is an equally comprehensive range of subject matter across two, three, four, multi-wheeled and caterpillar tracked vehicles, in all aspects of settings. Naturally motorsports has always been a popular source of reference and still features high in the interests of the artists, but of course the artists have approached settings for their art as broadly as the various styles of their techniques which add to the diversity of work found with the guild. In the exhibition you will see automotive art that is illustrative, representational, tightly controlled, to loosely applied and completely abstract.

Many of the GMA artists are also practicing artists within other guilds that range from railways, aircraft, shipping and wildlife and of course also hold solo exhibition for their own paintings or promote themselves through social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their own art web-sites, or in some cases are represented in specialist art galleries and exhibitions for the motor art world.

Over the last 32 years the GMA has exhibited at various art galleries around the UK, automotive sports events (including in the USA and Germany) and at transport museums (including the Gaydon Heritage Motor Centre, Donnington and Coventry). The GMA has now because of its heritage and ties of artists from the automotive industry have regular exhibitions at the engineering technical centres of Ford Motor Company at Dunton, Essex and Jaguar Land Rover and Aston Martin at Gaydon in Warwickshire. When exhibiting at the Engineering Centres, the GMA has supported a percentage of its sales to the respective Ford and JLR sponsored charities and some of the GMA artists have offered work for charity raffles as well.

So whether your taste in art is for traditional compositions, tight representational illustration, loose and wild, abstract, digital vector or 3D sculpture and multi-media, you are sure to find something of interest within the guild’s membership portfolio.







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