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John Jarvis: 'One Hundred and Thirty Six Vulcans and Some Paintings'

Tuesday, 28th March 2017


8th - 30th April 2017


A unique exhibition lands in The Forum Space from 8th April 2017- a stunning display of 136 model Vulcan bombers, all hand crafted by artist and carpenter John Jarvis.

Each model represents every real Vulcan which was produced during the cold war and which provided Britain with its nuclear deterrent.

‘I am struck by the immense efforts that went into this endeavour and have tried to reproduce it in the only way I know how.’

Since being diagnosed with terminal cancer, John has prioritised time to address his long standing ambitions as an artist, the fulfilment of which this incredible exhibition attests.

‘I always wanted to be an artist and the clock is ticking, so I produce as much as my illness allows.’

Producing work which is at once impactful and yet encourages reflection, John’s successful prolificacy has also earned him a solo exhibition in The Beecroft Art Gallery this September.

Alongside the fleet of Vulcan models will be nature and still life paintings and works will be available to purchase.

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